Supply of 2000 metro cars for 9 megacities project

Supply of 2000 metro cars for 9 megacities project

Regarding Iranian government’s policies, economic council of Iran decided to put together demand of the megacities and authorize procurement and manufacture plan of 2000 metro cars through international tenders with the assistance of foreign finances.

Hence, the duty of integrated procurement and management of the plan was conferred upon Rahnavard Company as the executive arm of IDRO.

Measures done:
1. Qualitative assessment of international manufacturers and preparation of shortlists for the whole plan.
2. Field evaluations and inspections of local and foreign potentials and creation of data banks for parts, assemblages and rail transport industry equipment procurement chains.
3. Signing contracts regarding procurement of 630 metro car units for Tehran, as the first phase of the plan.
4. Preparing draft tender documents for 1370 metro cars remained from the 2000 wagons plan
5. Checking financing methods through the resources according to the existing international conditions.
6. Holding technical and commercial negotiations with local wagon manufacturers to submit their technical-commercial proposals.

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