National Metro Car

National Metro Car

Regarding existing local potentials, capacities and previous successful experiences of local manufacturing, a cooperation agreement has been signed to manufacturing a prototype of seven-car metro train. Participation in Design, Supervision, Test, Validation, and Homologation of a complete metro train for Tehran metro lines using the existing local potentials and capacities with the cooperation of a well-reputed international design company is the subject of the 1st phase of this agreement.


In this Regard, Rahnavard team has been worked side by side the other parties since the beginning of the project, and provided the “Rolling Stock Technical Requirements” document, Division of Work (DOW) document and RFP Document for selecting a foreign design consulting company. Besides, Rahnavard was in charge of evaluating received technical-financial proposals from consultants.

It’s worth to mention that design and manufacturing of the prototype is in the final stage. IDRO (Rahnavard) intends to cooperate with the “Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology” to mass-production and develop the current technical knowledge to take action to design a common platform to meet the requirements of other megacities for metro cars.

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